Dinner Rolls
Dinner Rolls

Dinner Rolls

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Fantastic first try making these for Thanksgiving! I tried to cheat and use my stand mixer to knead– bad idea all around. I quickly switch back to hand kneading. Everyone loved them and was impressed that they looked so pretty!


These dinner rolls are fantastic. I’ve been making them several years now for my and my husband’s family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I throw everything into my bread machine and then bake two pans of for a total of 24 per recipe. They come out perfect every time.


I have made these rolls several times to take to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinners. I never bring any home. I’ve even made a DOUBLE batch and didn’t get to bring any home afterwards. There’s not too much flour in the recipe, but you do have to follow it and add a little at a time as it says, you might not need that last 1/2 cup. These rolls take a long time – yeast does that, but they’re not hard, and they are delicious. I usually make them the night before and put them in the pans in the fridge, then do the second rise the next day. They turn out great.



I messed this recipe up by adding all 3 eggs into my bread machine with the rest of the ingredients. Turned out to be the best dinner rolls I have ever made!


Commenting to ALR12684 – the flour measurement was 3 cups to many. I thought it was me, but there is too much flour in the recipe. I see from last year, that the recipe hasn’t been updated either to reflect the new measurement. I had faith in Martha’s baking techniques, she let me down on Thanksgiving!!!!


I would like to know if you are supposed to use 3 cups of flour or six cups of flour because the video says 3 cups of flour but the recipe says 6 cups of flour. Did anyone else notice that besides me?



I cannot figure out how to print these recipes from an iPad mini. The rolls look so yummy, but there is no print button!


Made this by hand, and I was really scared it wasn’t going to turn out nicely, but they’re so tasty and delicious.
I sprinkled some coconut shavings ontop, and I used coconut milk instead of normal milk, and they turned out amazing.
Thank you so much for this recipe!


Do you truly just sprinkle the yeast? No stirring it?


I don’t have whole milk on hand. But I do have skim milk and half and half. Suggestions please?


Does anyone know if I can use my kitchen aid mixer to kneed the dough instead of doing it by hand?


Delicious….they turned out well for me….


I will be making these for the Thanksgiving. Was wondering if you could tell me if it is 1 1/2 cups of milk or is it 1/2 cup of milk. Just want to be sure is all.


“The rolls can be shaped in advance and frozen for up to 2 months. No need to defrost — just add 2 hours to the second rise”
Does this mean i can completely make them..then freeze them or or make the dough and freeze that (by adding 2 hours to the rising time of “until dough has doubled in size, about 1 1/4 hours.” ?


Okay so first off thank you for this recipe! It’s almost identical to my family recipe but the first part with the letting the yeast sit in warm water. I think this step made these rolls deliriously delicious! I couldn’t stop eating these! Thanks again. Rodeo,ca.


These turned out absolutely fantastic. This is my second attempt at making any type of bread and I am so happy with the way they turned out. One thing I might try next time is to not do an egg wash before cooking because my husband said they were a little to crunchy (I like crunchy). Super easy, and I used my mixer to knead and they turned out great.


Wow this was great when I made them. My only thing is, it takes too much time to rise but it’s worth the wait . It taste really great and it soft like I got it from the bakery or store. My husband kept going back for more


Wow!! I’ve tried so many other receipts and failed miserably. This one is amazing. Success first try. Rave reviews. Thanks Martha.


Who knew that something so simple could taste so delicious? These rolls were a little bit dry for my taste, but the rest of the family loves them. Froze one pan for another night and made one today.


The rolls are rising in the oven as we speak and they look great! I was a bit apprehensive because, being short on time, I used quick rising yeast and, following the instructions on the yeast package, skipped the first proof. They look amazing, though, and I can’t wait to see if they will not taste too yeasty. If they don’t, it’ll be so much quicker this way…..


Took these to an Easter dinner. These rolls tasted great, and browned just right, too! Will definitely make these again.


Making my second batch for the cinnamon bun. The best buns i have ever made. Perfect


I’m in the middle of making my 2nd batch of these right now. They’ve been a huge hit, and did well both when baked immediately or after being frozen. This recipe makes so many that it can easily stretch through 4 meals for us.


I did the same thing and i am sure they will be alright, it just took a bit more flour so they werent so sticky to knead. They rose alright in the first rising so i am sure they will be fine, just perhaps more tender.


Help, I just spent hours working on these and put them in the freezer. As I sat down to review the instructions for baking them, I realized I used all 3 eggs in the dough instead of only 2! Will they be ruined? I can’t start over, if they are ruined I’ll have to buy premade rolls:(

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