Perfect White Cake recipes

Perfect White Cake recipes

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It was very easy to make, however it says bake time is 25-30 minutes at 350. This cake came out of the oven at 55 minutes! I would try it again but I need to know what temp I should be baking it at or if I need to expect 55 minutes for bake time? P.S. I am in Seattle, WA


Too bad someone wouldn’t send me a heavy duty Kitchen Aid- so many recipes that I like call for one and things just don’t come out as perfect without one.


This is a beautiful white cake! I have noted several comments saying that the cake was dry. Most white cakes are drier, because the fat and “”richness” contained in the egg yolks is absent. This cake has a beautiful “crumb”, yet is not too soft to handle for stacking and/or decorating. This is a keeper!



I baked this cake because I wanted a white cake for making cake pops. It turned out beautifully – very moist, with a fine crumb & nice height. I didn’t need a 3 pan recipe, so I adjusted all to 2/3 – it was pretty simple math. With the 6 leftover egg yolks, I used her vanilla pudding pop recipe to make the chocolate pudding variation – it only called for 4 egg yolks – so I did 1&1/2 times the ingredients; with a thin slice of cake & a sprinkle of Skor bits, this will make a delicious dessert!


I’ve made this cake twice already. Good recipe, but had to tweak the amount of baking powder. The full two tablespoons of baking powder was too much and gave the cake a slight bitter aftertaste. I adjusted it to 1 1/2 and it was perfect second time around. And it is just a bit dry, would like a little more moisture. The almond extract gives it a great flavor, I use a cream cheese and strawberry frosting it pairs wonderfully. My family loves it.


I made this cake for my son’s birthday party and it was a huge hit. I omitted the almond extract and raspberries, and instead threw in about ½ cup of Rainbow Jimmies for a Funfetti variation – super cute. Also, to save a few eggs I used the egg whites in the carton and had fine results.
Moist and flavorful, this is a great simple white cake recipe.



Isurus9 Thank you for mentioning the mixing aspect. I am a cake baking novice so I might have made the same mistake as you! I did go ahead and look up the term “incorporated” as a baking term. The definition I found was “Wholly incorporated means to mix or blend well together ~ so that the dry ingredients are mixed smoothly with the liquid ingredients.”
Technically the terminology was correct, but we didn’t understand it. Isurus is right–mix that puppy until the lumps are gone, but no more!


Nice recipe but you have to mix THOROUGHLY at the end to distribute baking powder evenly, I found the notes misleading in that it said mix till just incorporated and then finish by hand DO NOT DO THIS, mix for 1-2 mins on medium speed or else you will waste 2 full cake batters like I did and have a heavy holey frisbee. I found the recipe and notes for this not organized well at all, a bit confusing. End result is a decent white cake if you mix correctly.


The taste of this recipe is AWESOME, but as listed, it’s a little dry~ so find a trick that works for you

…the only thing I had to alter was my secret ingredient for added moisture. The almond extract gives it an elegant taste (if that makes sense).


This is an answer to some of your quantity questions. Check out at this address: In short, this recipe should make approximately 16.5 cups of batter. This will fill 2 (9″ x 13″) sheet pans with 2.5 cups left over. Or, you could make 2 (12″ round) layers for a 2 layer cake leaving about 1.5 cups leftover. Also, this will make around 66 cupcakes. Hopes this helps!


Has anyone tried this as a 2-layer cake or a 13×9? I dont like 3-layer cakes because they are too hard to cut and serve and it’s just wayyy too much cake for 2 people. What would be the equivalents in the recipe for a smaller cake?


What would be the equivalent if I wanted to make a 13×9-inch cake? Would this just make 1 layer?


I Love The perfect white cake ! becase I like butter ^^


The perfect white cake was good,but to much butter for my husband to eat. I wouldn’t make it again.


I thought the almond flavor was a bit strong, but it was quite fluffy and moist. This is the best white cake recipe I have found so far.


Has anybody tried making cupcakes with this recipe?


I made this cake as a test for a graduation cake I have to make and it was perfect. It was easy and the taste I wanted is spot on. I have tried many white cake recipes and always go back to a box mix, but not anymore. I would highly recommend this recipe to anyone who asks. Thank you!


Most of the cake recipes from this site have been really good, but this one was only “okay” to me. I live at high altitudes and the cakes did do well. I had no problems with them sinking. I just wanted a better flavor and have it be a little more moist. I didn’t make the Italian meringue buttercream. I made a raspberry buttercream frosting to go with it, which was good. But together, it was the most unexciting, boring cake I’ve ever eaten.


Does anyone know how many cups of batter this recipe makes?

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